Vectors of efficient support for Ukraine

November 23, 2023

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The recent five years of global development are increasingly characterised by unprecedented global risks, challenges and even catastrophic processes that, originating in separate countries or regions, quickly acquire threatening scales and effects, cause numerous human losses, and accelerate systemic changes in socio-political and socio-economic environments of almost all countries. Among such challenges for humanity, the coronavirus crisis, Russian large-scale aggression against Ukraine, and the war in the Middle East stand out.

For Ukraine, of course, the most serious threats and challenges are related with the country's struggle for independence and freedom against Russian imperialism. Partner assistance from the leading democratic countries of the world undeniably presents a vital component of such struggle. The crisis processes provoked by global challenges could not but affect even resilient developed economies, causing troubles in production and logistic chains, financial and exchange markets, corporate and public budgets and debt balances. Today, Ukraine is highly interested in soonest restoration of sustainable development of the leading partner countries, since it is critical for the scale and duration of their security, economic, and humanitarian aid to our country, which is courageously fighting for freedom and independence.

Viktor Zamiatin

Director of Political and Legal Programmes

Born on January 13, 1966


Moscow State University, Faculty of History

Traineeships in France and Israel


Journalist in the "Kommersant" and "Day" newspapers

2007 – 2010 — Senior Consultant, Head of the Department at the Presidential Secretariat of Ukraine

December 2012 – June 2020 —Leading Expert of Political and Legal Programmes at the Razumkov Centre

June 2020 — ongoing Director of Political and Legal Programmes


Honored Journalist of Ukraine

Civil Servant of the Third Rank

Language skills: English, Serbian, Croatian, French and Polish

(044) 201-11-92