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3-4 Strategic Partners Of Ukraine (Realities and Priorities In War) Project Summary

The Strategic Partners of Ukraine project was carried out by the Razumkov Centre with the support of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Ukraine and consisted of the analytical report «Strategic Partners of Ukraine», materials of the remote roundtable (a series of thematic interviews with government officials and independent experts), results of expert and nationwide surveys, and a number of original articles.

1-2 The Russia-Ukraine Conflict: From Full-Scale War to Conflict Resolution and Post-war Recovery

For 570 days, Ukraine has been living in a full-scale war against the russian aggressor, defending its freedom, independence and very right to exist. During this time, our country has suffered losses and destruction on a scale unimaginable on the European continent after the World War II. Towns and villages wrecked to the ground, tens of thousands dead, artificially created environmental disasters and constant nuclear blackmail, the deportation of Ukrainian children – an outright act of genocide against the Ukrainian people, systematic destruction of the country’s energy, transport and agricultural infrastructure, the war against the civilian population, the war-induced migration and demographic crisis are just a few points in the long list of disasters caused by russian aggression.



Political and Ideological Orientations of Ukrainian Citizens in the Conditions Of The Russian Aggression

The all-out Russian armed aggression against Ukraine that began on February 24, 2022, has fundamentally changed the situation in Ukraine and the world. Thousands of Ukrainians were killed, many fell victims to torture and inhuman treatment, millions left the country, saving their lives from the war, the aggressor forcibly deported from Ukraine thousands of adults and children.


Ukraine on the Way To the EU: Realities And Prospects

The deliverables of this project implemented by Razumkov Centre with support from Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Ukraine include a policy paper, a national-wide and an expert polls, a series of interviews (a remote Round-table) with representatives of the authorities and independent experts, as well as a number or articles on different aspects of the Ukraine-EU relations.



Ukraine’s European Integration: The Russian Factor

  • Ukraine’s European Integration: The Russian Factor
  • Problems and Prospects of Ukraine’s Progress Towards the EU: Results of Expert and National Survey by the Razumkov Centre
  • Kyiv-Brussels Relations in the Context of Russian Aggression: Opinions and Attitudes of Domestic and Foreign Experts