National Security and Defence Journal



Land Reform in Ukraine

  • Public opinion on land policy and land reform in Ukraine
  • Discussing land reform in Ukraine: journalistic style
  • Agricultural land, private ownership and land market: the positions of political forces and leaders


Eu-Ukraine-Russia Relations: Problems and Prospects

  • EU-Ukraine-Russia relations: problems and prospects
  • Contacts between Brussels, Kyiv and Moscow: opinions of Ukraine’s officials and political figures, and foreign diplomats
  • Ukraine’s cooperation with the EU and Russia: results of the Razumkov Centre’s expert and nationwide surveys


Ukraine's Electricity

  • The united energy system of Ukraine: the state and trends
  • Ukraine’s wholesale electricity market: operational experience and prospects for reforms
  • Electricity market transformation and its impact on future of the industry: expert opinions


Ukrainian Parliamentarianism, Parliament and 2012 Rada Elections

  • The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the 6th convocation — a crisis of the Ukrainian parliamentarianism
  • The 2012 parliamentary elections — a chance to restore the democratic nature of Ukrainian parliament
  • A national deputy of Ukraine in the eyes of voters: the Razumkov centre’s public opinion poll