National Security and Defence Journal



Constitutional stage of the Judicial Reform in Ukraine: Prospects and Risks

  • What are the features of cooperation amongst the Constitutional Assembly, the President, the Parliament, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine and the Venice Commission, and how they can affect the quality of the proposed changes to the Constitution of Ukraine related to justice?
  • What do the proposed changes to the Constitution of Ukraine related to justice witness to?
  • What can the experts and the civil society do to prevent the risks increasing the political dependence of the judiciary in Ukraine after the constitutional reform?


Ukraine’s European Integration: Internal Factors and External Influences

  • Ukraine’s European integration: internal factors and external influences
  • Relations between Brussels and Kyiv: opinions of Ukrainian statesmen, political figures and foreign diplomats
  • European and Eurasian integration of Ukraine: the Razumkov Centre’s public opinion polls


The Role of International Organisations in the National Security of Ukraine

  • Ukraine’s national security through a prism of cooperation with international organisations
  • Ukraine’s cooperation with international organisations
  • Some aspects of Ukraine’s foreign and security policy: public opinion