National Security and Defence Journal



The War in Donbas: Realities and Prospects of Settlement

  • Geopolitical Aspects of Conflict in Donbas
  • Occupation of Donbas: Current Situation and Trends
  • Donbas: Scenarios of Developments and Prospects of a Peacekeeping Mission
  • Summary and Proposals


Root Causes of the Non-Enforcement of the Domestic Judicial Decisions in Ukraine

  • The Enforcement of Judgements in Ukraine: Situation, Problems, International Aspects
  • Search Results and Analysis of the Unexecuted Judgementsin the USRCD Based on the Statistical Sample of the Total Body of the Enforcement Proceedings
  • Analysis of National Legislation Regulatingthe State Liability to Claimants
  • Conclusions and Recommendations to Address Causes Ofthe Non-Enforcement of Judgments