War, Integration And The Black Sea Factor: Undervalued Opportunities

April 23, 2024


Viktor Zamiatin
, Director of Political and Leal Programmes of Razumkov Centre

Vasyl Yurchyshyn, Director of Economic Programmes of Razumkov Centre

The full-scale war with Russia has had a significant impact on the development of Ukraine’s domestic and foreign policy. For example, after the invasion, Ukrainian society’s vision of European and Euro-Atlantic integration went beyond formal EU and NATO accession and is now viewed as the only alternative for further civilisational development. This is obviously linked to expectations of support in confronting the enemy, as well as hopes for post-war recovery, macroeconomic stability, competitiveness of domestic business, and improved well-being of households.

Viktor Zamiatin

Director of Political and Legal Programmes

Born on January 13, 1966


Moscow State University, Faculty of History

Traineeships in France and Israel


Journalist in the "Kommersant" and "Day" newspapers

2007 – 2010 — Senior Consultant, Head of the Department at the Presidential Secretariat of Ukraine

December 2012 – June 2020 —Leading Expert of Political and Legal Programmes at the Razumkov Centre

June 2020 — ongoing Director of Political and Legal Programmes


Honored Journalist of Ukraine

Civil Servant of the Third Rank

Language skills: English, Serbian, Croatian, French and Polish

(044) 201-11-92