Ukraine’s Foreign Policy In the Context Of Geopolitical Processes

April 22, 2024


Ukrainian diplomacy operates against the backdrop and under the influence of external events and fast-paced global and regional processes that present both opportunities and challenges for our country. In particular, the world faces deepening polarisation, confrontations between global powers, explosive conflicts in various regions, internal political processes in the United States and the European Union, and so on.

Despite these challenges, Ukrainian diplomacy has shown initiative and innovative approaches in promoting national interests, particularly during russian aggression. Significant achievements include the European Council’s decision in December 2023 to open Ukraine’s EU membership negotiations, the launch of longterm security cooperation agreements with allied countries, etc. At the same time, involvement in a long and exhausting confrontation with the aggressor accumulates «political and economic fatigue» from the Ukraine war, reshapes the geopolitical landscape, exacerbates old and creates new threats.

Therefore, foreign policy must adapt to new geopolitical realities and crises, taking into account the positions and interests of allied countries. Also, it is crucial to analyse and forecast external trends and develop preventive countermeasures in various areas.