Vectors of Effective Support For Ukraine

January 11, 2024


The last five years of global development have been increasingly marked by unparalleled global risks, challenges and even disastrous processes that, originating in individual countries or regions, quickly gain a threatening scale and impact, cause numerous human losses, and accelerate systemic changes in the socio-political and socio-economic environments of almost all countries.1 These challenges for humanity include the coronavirus crisis, large-scale russian aggression against Ukraine, and the war in the Middle East.

For Ukraine, the most significant threats and challenges are obviously related to its struggle for independence and freedom against russian imperialism. Partner assistance from the world’s leading democracies is undoubtedly a critical component of this struggle. Crises triggered by global challenges could not but have a negative impact even on strong and developed economies, causing problems in production and logistics chains, financial and currency markets, corporate and public budgets and debt balances. And today, Ukraine is clearly interested in the accelerated renewal of partner countries’ sustainable development, as this directly affects the scale of their continued security, economic and humanitarian support to a country that is courageously fighting for freedom and independence.