Plans of rapprochement, or readiness for a divorce?

April 29, 2024

Yuriy Yakymenko, Razumkov Centre President

Vasyl Yurchyshyn, Razumkov Centre Economic and Social Programmes Director

In the mid-2010s, global geopolitics was dominated by a number of seemingly unquestionable ideologemes regarding the world order and its immediate prospects. In particular, it was believed that:

  • Euro-Atlantic solidarity is reliably protected by the US "security umbrella", which will continue to strengthen transatlantic political and economic ties;
  • free trade, including in services, investments, new technologies, will involve more and more countries into its orbit, which will boost the incomes of transnational corporations and even of those countries that have always been on the periphery of world processes (but managed to adequately respond to the challenges of global competition);
  • increasing interest of (investment-rich) China in European and American highly-consuming markets will contribute to the gradual penetration of liberal freedoms and democratic values in China;
  • autocratic Russia will continue to gravitate to the Western way of life and material values, while increasingly losing economically to dynamic China. Therefore, the probability of a strategic rapprochement between technological China and resource-rich Russia was not seen as a threat to the established world order;
  • the leading role of the USA for developed countries and ties of the emerging countries with China and India will form a sufficiently balanced bipolar model, which will make military confrontation at the global level next to impossible.

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Yuriy Yakymenko

President, Editor-in-Chief of "National Security and Defence" Journal

Born in 1967 in Cherkasy


National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv, Faculty of Philosophy (1991)

University of Manchester (the UK), Department of Government, post-graduate course in Political Theory, MA (Econ) (1994)

National Academy of Sciences Institute of Philosophy, post-graduate course in Social Philosophy (1995). The author of about 200 publications

Ph.D. in Political Science (2013). The author of about 40 research papers and more than 200 publications in media


1991 – 1995 — Expert in Public Relations of the Ukrainian Union of Afghan War Veterans

1995 – 2002 — Senior Consultant, Chief Consultant, Head of Division, Deputy Head of the Main Department of Domestic Policy of the Administration of the President of Ukraine

Most recent position at State Service — Deputy Head of the Department for Analysis and Prognosis of Home Policy of the Administration of the President of Ukraine. State Servant of the 4th rank

April 2002 – May 2005  — Razumkov Centre Leading Expert, Political and Legal Programmes

May 2005 – November 2011 — Director of Political and Legal Programmes

November 2011 – June 2020 — Deputy Director General, Director of Political and Legal Programmes

June 2020 — ongoing — President of the Razumkov Centre

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