Assertion of economic freedom in Ukraine

April 09, 2023

In February 2022, Ukraine turned another page in the history of mankind — the country parted with a secondary role in the world politics and economy and became one of its leading actors.

First of all, this happened as a result of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the full-scale Russian aggression. At the same time, Ukraine's struggle against Russian aggression reflected the peculiarities and contradictions of the modern globalized world in a new way, contributing to the search of a new acceptable world order. It was not the "end of history" or the "end of civilization", but the beginning of a new civilizational system, which is largely shaped under the influence of the two world poles — liberal-democratic and autocratic.


The global economic environment in general and Ukrainian in particular at the beginning of 2022 was shaped by the combination of global challenges prompted by the persistent coronavirus crisis with overwhelming internal and external political and economic contradictions. It disrupted economic development and limited opportunities for accelerated post-coronavirus recovery. At the same time, such a tangle of divergent factors weakened the liberal foundations of development, especially for emerging countries, such as Ukraine.

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