Scientific seminar "Impact of the war on the constitutional system of governance in Ukraine and other Central and East European countries"

December 05, 2022

On December 1, 2022, Razumkov Centre hosted a Ukrainian-Polish online scientific seminar "Impact of the war on the constitutional system of governance in Ukraine and other Central and East European countries. Constitutional determinants of the reaction to Russia's armed attack on Ukraine". The event was organised and held by Razumkov Centre together with the Rzeszów School of Law and Administration/Rzeszów University of Law (WSPiA Rzeszowska Szkoła Wyższa).

Well-known Ukrainian and Polish constitutionalists, political scientists, specialists in international affairs and independent experts took part in the Seminar. Ukrainian and Polish law students, political scientists, officials from Rzeszów and Lviv could watch the Seminar in Zoom. The Seminar was co-moderated by Krzysztof Eckhart, professor of the Rzeszów University of Law WSPiA, and Petro Stetsiuk, Razumkov Centre Research Fellow on Legal Issues, retired judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine.

In his introductory speech, the co-moderator of the Seminar from the Polish side K. Eckhardt emphasized great importance of such scientific events for a systemic comprehension of the depth of the socio-political crisis on the European continent as a result of the war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine, the content and essence of new challenges and threats for the European constitutional and legal order, the possible impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war on the national constitutional systems, primarily of the Central and East European countries.

In turn, the co-moderator of the Seminar from the Ukrainian side P. Stetsiuk in the first place thanked his Polish colleagues for their willingness to participate in such scientific events, outlined the most pressing problems regarding the impact of the war on the constitutional system of governance in Ukraine, and invited the Ukrainian participants of the Seminar to share their professional experience and scientific considerations regarding the peculiarities of state governance in Ukraine under martial law.

The Seminar participants discussed the issue of the international legal assessment of Russia's military attack on Ukraine, the aid of other states to Ukraine during the Russian aggression and the assessment of this aid from the national constitutional and legal viewpoint, as well as the threats to the constitutional systems of foreign countries after the beginning of the large-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine, the state of the Ukrainian legal system in the conditions of martial law, the role of the Ukrainian parliament and other supreme bodies of state power in these conditions, the work of judges of general jurisdiction and prosecutor's offices.

Much interest at the Seminar was aroused by the speech of NUKMA Professor, former MP Yu. Klyuchkovskyi devoted to the problems of organisation and conduct of elections in Ukraine after the war and possible impact of the war on the national election legislation and subsequent transformations of the election system in Ukraine. Giving a legal assessment of the actions of the Russian aggressors, the retired judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine V. Shyshkin drew attention to the evident repetition of the inhuman crimes of the past, such as the crime of genocide-Holodomor, in our days — the indiscriminate use of the "scorched earth" tactics, mass killings of civilians and target-minded destruction of critical (civilian) infrastructure throughout the territory of Ukraine.

The organisers of the Seminar plan to publish a digest of its materials.