Participation in the International Forum "Ecology and Peace"

May 16, 2024

On May 15–16, 2024, Razumkov Centre research fellow on legal issues, retired judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine P. Stetsiuk took part in the International Forum "Ecology and Peace" with a report "Environmental security and the constitutional future of Ukraine".

According to the expert, after the end of martial law and establishment of peace, Ukraine will naturally see a significant "constitutional renewal", including in terms of environmental protection and creation of a reliable system of environmental security of the state.

In this regard, proposals regarding the future constitutionalization of Ukraine as an "environment-friendly state" deserve special attention.

According to the expert, such constitutional changes will make it possible to significantly strengthen the constitutional and legal mechanisms ensuring the right of people to an environment safe for life and health, with obligatory environmental assessment of all bills and acts of local self-government bodies, which will allow the Constitutional Court of Ukraine to rule unconstitutional those laws and regulations that do not comply with the constitutional provision of the "environmental character" of the Ukrainian state.

The event was organized by the NGO "Ukrainian Peace Council", the All-Ukrainian innovation ecosystem "Sikorsky Challenge Ukraine" and the NGO "Environmental Safety Council". Well-known Ukrainian state and public figures, diplomats and scientists from Ukraine, Great Britain, the USA, Switzerland and Japan took part in its work.