Participation in the international conference "Beyond the conflict: Ukraine's path to recovery, reforms and post-war reconstruction"

December 01, 2023

On November 29, 2023, the director of economic programmes of Razumkov Centre V. Yurchyshyn took part in the international conference "Beyond the conflict: Ukraine's path to recovery, reforms and post-war reconstruction."

In his presentation at the panel "Ukraine's path to membership in the Euro-Atlantic community" V. Yurchyshyn singled out two aspects of the problem — external and internal.

Externally, he emphasized that it is important for Ukraine that the world democratic community realizes that military and civilian aid to Ukraine will have a greater effect if it is considered by the authorities and civil society in partner countries not only as a matter of international humanitarian solidarity, but also as a task and imperative of national security. Supporting Ukraine today means strengthening the security of partner countries (first of all, European) now and in the future, with the victory of Ukraine and its revival as a democratic European country being an important component thereof.

At the same time, the war in Ukraine has the greatest impact (apart from Ukraine itself) on Europe. In recent years, the European Union has experienced political (Euroscepticism), economic (financial and debt crises), social (immigration shocks) trials. It also underestimated the risks of energy and raw material dependence on the Russian autocratic regime.

Therefore, the war "reminded" European society and European politicians of the values on which the European Union was formed and strengthened, that need protection and cannot be exchanged for temporary economic profit or benefits.

Internally, the emphasis on national security in the country's economic policy can become an efficient driver of economic growth. Until recently, industry was the sector whose development determined the dynamics of the economy in general. Delays in structural changes in industry and regular crises increasingly slowed down overall economic development. However, proper consideration of external threats can become an efficient factor of economic acceleration, including through the production of military equipment and its sale on foreign markets.

This prompts the need of "synchronous" strong economic growth and strengthening the security sector. The unity of these goals is seen in the defence industry aimed at production (independently and/or in cooperation with foreign companies) of the widest possible range of weapons, with which, on the one hand, it is possible to defend the country and strengthen the position of the eastern outpost of the European Union, and on the other — to occupy valuable export niches in one of the most economically profitable sectors.

Summing up, the lines of action for Ukraine’s recovery should pursue two "macro goals": formation of the security structure of the national economy, and its (national economy’s) full integration in the Euro-Atlantic economic space.