Participation in presentation of the expert poll "Rating of partner countries and international leaders by the level of aid to Ukraine in 2022–2024"

March 06, 2024

On March 5, 2024, the director of energy and infrastructure programmes of Razumkov Centre V. Omelchenko took part in the presentation of this export poll. In his speech he noted, in particular, the great importance of international aid from many countries in Europe, Asia, the USA and Canada for the stable operation of Ukraine's energy system. Thanks to this aid, the Ukrainian energy sector managed to provide energy resources for the urgent needs of the Ukrainian economy and the Armed Forces.

The TOP-10 countries were presented at the event, grouped in four categories: military, technical and other security assistance; political and diplomatic assistance; financial and economic assistance; humanitarian aid and support for forced migrants, along with the TOP 5 foreign figures who, according to the Ukrainian expert community, helped Ukraine the most in 2022–2024.

Representatives of foreign embassies and state authorities, experts and journalists took part in the presentation — a total of 30 people.

The event was organized by the Ukraine Crisis Media Centre.