Participation at the International Conference "Beyond conflict: Ukraine’s journey to recovery, reform and post-war reconstruction"

December 01, 2023

On November 29, 2023, Director of Economic Programs V.Yurchyshyn took part at the International Conference “Beyond conflict: Ukraine’s journey to recovery, reform and post-war reconstruction” 

In his speech at the panel “Ukraine’s Paths Towards Euro-Atlantic Membership” V.Yurchyshyn drew attention on two dimensions — external and internal ones.

As for external — it is crucial for Ukraine if the global democratic community realises that military and civilian assistance to Ukraine will have a greater impact when seen by the governments and civil institutions in partner countries not only as a matter of international humanitarian solidarity, but also as a matter of national security. At the same time, supporting Ukraine now means enhancing the security of partners, primarily in Europe, both today and afterwards, with Ukraine’s victory and renewal as a European democracy.

Apart from Ukraine itself, the war has the greatest impact on Europe. In recent years, the European Union has been exposed to political (Euroscepticism), economic (financial and debt crises), and social (immigration shocks) challenges. Similarly, the risks of energy and raw material dependence on the autocratic regimes were underestimated. 

So, the war “reminded” European society and European politicians of the values on which the EU was formed and grew stronger, and which need to be defended rather than exchanged for temporary economic benefits or advantages.

As for internal dimension — the priority of national security in shaping the country’s economic policy can be an effective incentive for economic acceleration. Until recently, the Ukraine’s industry was the sector whose development dynamics determined the entire economic dynamics. Delays in structural changes and periodic collapses in this sector slowed down economic development in general.

Thus, proper consideration of external threats can be an effective factor in economic acceleration, including through the production of military products and their sale on foreign arms markets.

This necessitates a “synchronous” substantial acceleration of the economy and strengthening of the security sector. These goals lie in the defence and military industry focused on the production — either independently or in cooperation with foreign companies – of the widest possible range of weapons, which can be used to defend the country and strengthen the Euro-Atlantic eastern outpost, on the one hand, and win decent export niches in one of the most economically profitable areas, on the other hand.

In general, actions aimed at Ukraine’s recovery should pursue two “macro goals” — establishing the security structure of the national economy and ensuring its full integration into the Euro-Atlantic economic and military environments.