Inaugural celebrations at the University of Law and Administration in Rzeszów

October 11, 2022


(a fragment of the recording from "1 h. 14 min" to "1 h. 35 min")

The fact that during the Russian aggression, Ukraine continues to live in the conditions of a constitutional state, ensures the rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens and guarantees other democratic values, owes not only to the Ukrainian people, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but also to its friends and allies; that is why help to Ukraine, the Ukrainian people, Ukrainian citizens, especially Ukrainian children, from the Polish state, the Polish people, Polish urban and rural communities, and ordinary Polish citizens is invaluable.

This was said on October 8, 2022, by the Razumkov Centre Research Fellow on Legal Issues, retired judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, Doctor of Law Petro Stetsiuk in his inaugural speech (lecture) "Constitution and constitutionalism in war conditions: from the Ukrainian experience" at the Opening Ceremony of the new academic year at the University of Law and Administration in Rzeszów (Poland).

Professors and students of the University of Law and Administration in Rzeszów, members of the European and Polish parliaments, representatives of the authorities of the Subcarpathian Voivodeship and the city of Rzeszów, commanders of territorial units of the Polish Army and the Roman Catholic clergy took part in the celebrations.