Expert discussion on the future development of the spot electricity market

July 07, 2023

On July 4, 2023, the director of energy and infrastructure programmes of Razumkov Centre took part in an event organised by the state enterprise "Market Operator" JSC dedicated to the future development of the spot market of electric energy in Ukraine.

The unification of the spot electricity market of Ukraine with the global market of the European Union is a new challenge for the energy industry. It is related to the adaptation of the Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/1222, which was introduced by the Council of Ministers of the Energy Community on December 15, 2022. According to this document, Ukraine as an Energy Community member and the EU countries are obliged to unify the spot trade in electricity before 2024.

"Market Operator" JSC, which has been developing the "day-ahead" and intraday market in Ukraine since 2019, has undertaken a bold and responsible mission to effectively implement market coupling. This is an uneasy task that requires solution of many problems related with Ukraine not being an EU member yet.

About 15 participants took part in the event: the "Market Operator" JSC management, representatives of business and the expert community.