Round table "Why does Russia circumvent international sanctions?"

July 17, 2023

On July 13, 2023, the Director of Energy and Infrastructure Programmes of Razumkov Centre V. Omelchenko took part in the Round Table organized by the Military Media Centre as a speaker.

Topics for discussion:

  • The current condition of the sanctions package imposed on the Russian Federation and its impact on the defence, industrial and energy sectors of the aggressor country
  • Impact of the embargo on oil and petroleum products on the further capabilities of the Russian Federation to wage war in Ukraine
  • Problems of monitoring sanction on the sale of dual-use goods and technologies
  • Ways of Russia bypassing sanctions, countries that help Russia bypass sanctions
  • Usage of foreign components for the production of weapons in the Russian Federation
  • Ways to improve monitoring of sanctions by extending the package to the countries that facilitate sanctioned re-exports


Razumkov Centre Energy Programmes Director Volodymyr Omelchenko;

Head of the Institute for Black Sea Strategic Studies Andriy Klymenko;

Head of the Ukrainian Security and Cooperation Center Serhii Kuzan;

Representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Captured Equipment Centre (foreign parts in weapon systems); the Department of Military Policy (MOD sanctions policy); the Main Intelligence Department of the MOD (how the Russian Federation bypasses international sanctions).