Participation in the public debate "Constitutional foundations of Ukrainocentrism"

April 19, 2024

On April 18, 2024, Razumkov Centre research fellow on legal issues, retired judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine P. Stetsiuk together with retired judges of the Ukrainian Constitutional Court V. Shyshkin and I. Slidenko took part in the public debate "Constitutional foundations of Ukrainocentrism".

The discussion was broadcast live on the channel in course of the authorial TV show of journalist V. Teteruk "Public dialogues".

The panellists discussed theoretical and methodological foundations of Ukrainocentrism as a philosophical and worldview category, its place and role in the recent state-building processes, as well as the "presence" of Ukrainocentrist ideas in the current Basic Law of the state and the peculiarities of their implementation in practice.

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