Participation in the Forum of think tanks, which are interested in China’s Initiative "One belt — One way"

January 22, 2018

During January 16–18, 2018 Chinese city of Shenzhen hosted international forum of think tanks, which are interested in China’s initiative “One Belt – One Way” 2018 Forum for International City and Industry Cooperation (Shenzhen) under the Belt & Road Initiative. Director of economic programs at the Razumkov Centre Vasyl Yurchyshyn participated in Forum’s events and discussions.

Forum’s participants once again emphasized positive developments regarding the development of dialogue and cooperation between think tanks from all countries, the possibility of implementing joint development projects on the basis of mutual respect, which are intended to promote the effectiveness of the participating countries policies.

Participants of the conference showed their interest in Ukraine, its social, economic development. It was also highlighted the omissions in Ukraine’s activity, its investment capacity. Ukraine is not part of the Chinese business’ first focus or development projects. In the vast majority of cases, initiatives and projects do not essentially affect Ukraine, because Ukraine is poorly prepared for significant projects, and already has a reputable loss.

The transformation of omissions and challenges to benefits and achievements depends entirely on the deliberate efforts of the authorities to form and strengthen the environment of socio-economic growth and development.