International seminar "Opportunities for green hydrogen in Ukraine: how to rebuild better and more environmentally friendly?"

June 30, 2023

On June 27, 2023, the Director of Energy and Infrastructure Programmes of Razumkov Centre V. Omelchenko spoke at the International Seminar with a report "Options of green hydrogen use in Ukraine".

The aggressive war significantly changed the trend of development of Ukraine and whole Europe. It showed the need to accelerate energy transition not only to contain global warming but also to strengthen energy security.

Renewable energy sources, green hydrogen and low-carbon products will make the basis of this transition. To reduce dependence on fossil fuels, the rapid spread of renewable energy and its derivative "green" hydrogen is crucial. Widespread adoption of green hydrogen may lead to creation of a global hydrogen market, as regions with high demand differ from regions with a strong potential for cheap production.

Still, many questions remain about the role that hydrogen can play, and many people are just beginning to realise the importance of hydrogen as a fuel and derivative. It requires a common starting point to begin with.

As part of the Global Hydrogen Diplomacy initiative of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the workshop "Opportunities for Green Hydrogen in Ukraine" is the first step to bring together Ukrainian and European think tanks, exchange ideas and outline the possible following steps for cooperation. 

Issues for discussion: 

  • Hydrogen for export or domestic use
  • Opportunities for hydrogen in the gasified form or as a derivative product
  • Necessary strategic framework conditions — policy, skills, raw materials

About 50 participants took part in the seminar: representatives of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, European and Ukrainian experts.

The event was organised by Green Hydrogen Office at the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.