Expert discussion "Recovery of Ukraine: starting point and lines of government actions"

October 20, 2022

On October 20, 2022 (Thursday), Razumkov Centre held an expert discussion "Recovery of Ukraine: starting point and lines of government actions" dedicated to the analysis of the current state and immediate prospects of socio-economic transformations in Ukraine caused by the Russian aggression and Ukraine's struggle for freedom and independence, as well as the lines and measures for maintaining economic stability and acceleration of the European integration. 

You can familiarise yourself with the relevant policy paper on the Razumkov Centre website. 

The expert discussion was held using the Razumkov Centre Zoom platform from 11:00 a.m. till 12:30 p.m.

The event was broadcast live on the Razumkov Centre's YouTube channel.

At the beginning of the event Yuriy YAKYMENKO, the Razumkov Centre President, addressed the gathering with the welcoming words.

The key conclusions based on the survey results were presented by Vasyl Yurchyshyn, director of economic and social programmes of Razumkov Centre.

Reputable Ukrainian experts Yaroslav Zhalilo, Hanna Kharlamova, Oleksandr Sharov, Lidiya Tkachenko, Yuriy Prozorov, Volodymyr Korneyev, Oleksandr Kilievych, Vladyslav Zymovets, Vitaliy Shapran took part in the discussion and presented their views. Vasyl Yurchyshyn made a final speech to sum up the results.

Key points by V. Korneyev

Presentation by K. Kuznetsov

Key points by V. Shapran 

Key points by V. Nebrat

Key points by T. Artyomova

Key points by H. Kharlamova, A. Stavytskyi

Key points by V. Zymovets