ANNOUNCEMENT. Private medicine - prospects for development in Ukraine. Results of a public opinion poll

May 24, 2023

On May 24, 2023, the Ukrainian Centre for Economic and Political Studies named after Olexander Razumkov will hold an online presentation of the survey "Private medicine - prospects for development in Ukraine. Results of a public opinion poll".

Olha Pyschulina, the leading expert of the Centre's social and gender programmes, will tell: 

  • How many people among all those interviewed made declarations with family doctors, and in what medical institutions - public, municipal, or private?
  • How often and what type of specialized medical care do Ukrainians seek?
  • What types of institutions are most often referred to?
  • Which hospitals do the majority of respondents actually prefer?
  • How many Ukrainians received medical care free of charge under the Medical Guarantee Program last year?
  • What approaches to the implementation of the state principle "money follows the patient" do respondents prefer?
  • Where would the interviewees go if they had a choice to a public or a private hospital?
  • Doctors of which medical institutions do Ukrainians consider the most skilled?
  • How many patients additionally pay to doctors at state and municipal hospitals, despite a declaration or a referral? How much? How often does this happen? Can additional payments be considered corruption?
  • Would Ukrainians like to use the services of a private hospital, if only a part of the cost of the services has to be paid, and the state will pay the rest?

Join the broadcast of the presentation "Private medicine - prospects for development in Ukraine" via the link on May 24 at 2:30 p.m. Some survey results will surprise you. It will be interesting!