Ukraine will continue to receive support from the United States, but should proceed with reform process

April 11, 2017


This issue was discussed during the conference «Ukraine 2016–2017: Progress, Opportunities, Challenges» jointly organized by the Atlantic Council and the Razumkov Centre and in Washington, reports Espreso.TV.

The conference discussed the achievements as well as reforms that Ukraine should implement for its development.

In particular, Pavlo Pynzenyk, a deputy of the "National Front" said that, due to the IMF requirements, Ukraine is currently faced with some serious challenges.

"IMF expects us to progress with land privatisation and pension system reform. Both of these issues are extremely painful for Ukrainian society and require a strong political will and political support from the public to carry out reforms," — Pynzenyk said.

Meanwhile, former Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko noted that populism, corruption and personal interests of certain officials stand in the way of reforms and that is what Ukraine needs to fight. According to her, the Ukrainian people are strong and able to overcome it.

Former Deputy of the "National Front" Mykola Martynenko said that US support to Ukraine is extremely important, because it plays a key role in resolving important national issues.

"This involves the external conflict that Ukraine is in today, the support of financial institutions, including the US ones, and international financial organisations," — Martynenko concluded.