Resolution Italian style: mission impossible?

Some European politicians still have illusions about compromise and peaceful dialogue with Putin

Last week, the Italian Foreign Ministry presented a four-stage plan for a political and diplomatic end to the war in Ukraine. Official Kyiv promised to carefully study Rome’s proposals. Although it should be immediately noted that, judging by the available information, there are no innovations in this document.

All the proposals from the Apennine Peninsula were already laid out in many previous corresponding projects, models and plans for a peaceful settlement, which were rejected by the Kremlin leadership.

Mykhailo Pashkov

Co-Director, Foreign Relations and International Security Programmes

Born in 1958 in Roslavl, Smolensk oblast, Russia


Smolensk Institute of Pedagogy, Faculty of the Russian Language and Literature (1979)

Moscow Institute of Youth, Faculty of Journalism (1986)

Kyiv Institute of Political Science and Public Administration (1991)

Ph. D. in Philosophy; the author of more than 50 publications

1979 – 1989 — worked at different positions in district, regional and republican newspapers in Russia and Moldova

1991 – 1994 — worked in scientific institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

1994 – 1998 — Diplomatic Service at the Embassy of Ukraine in the Russian Federation

Since December 1999 — Razumkov Centre's Leading Expert

Diplomatic Rank: First Secretary. Most recent position in state structures — Chief Consultant, Analytical Service of Ukraine's NSDC Staff

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