How to Block the Main Source of Funding of Russia’s Weapons

How much money does Russia get from oil and gas exports to the EU and what can be an alternative to Russian energy?

By waging war in late February, Russia aimed at the total annihilation of the Ukrainian people. The shelling, bombing and blockade of dozens of Ukrainian cities occur every day.

Since the beginning of the war, Western leaders have expressed solidarity in ending the war and condemned the actions of the aggressor.

Most of them imposed sanctions on the Central Bank of Russia, a number of financial institutions, strategic enterprises, government officials and members of their families, and banned new investments and export-import operations on a number of goods.

According to World Bank, sanctions in 2022 will reduce Russia’s GDP by 11.2%.

At the same time, these losses are incomparable with those of Ukraine: if the war continues for several more months, GDP reduction is expected at 45%.

Kateryna Markevych

Leading Expert, Economic and Social Programmes

Born in 1989 in Dnіpro


Dnipro National University named after Oles Honchar (specialty: International Economic Relations, Bachelor's Degree, 2010)

T. Shevchenko Kyiv National University, Institute of International Relations (specialty: International Economic Relations, Master's Degree, 2012)

External PhD student of the National Institute for Strategic Studies. Subject of dissertation is "FDI influence on the economic security of Ukraine"


2009 — Land Commission and Commission on Environment of the Dnipropetrovsk City Council

2009 — International Business Department of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Public Administration

2011 — Secretariat of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Verkhovna Rada

2012 — Department for Facilitation of Investment Activity and Regional Development of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


2012 — Consulting Company "H-aRt"; Public JSC "Ukrnaftokhimproekt" (engineering company)

October 2012 – March 2014 — Junior Expert of Economic Programmes of the Ukrainian Centre for Economic and Political Studies named after O. Razumkov

Since March 2014 — Expert of Economic Programmes of the Ukrainian Centre for Economic and Political Studies named after O. Razumkov

Field of Research: international investing activity, foreign economic policy, economic security, FDI in MSE

Author of scientific articles and a participant of more than thirty scientific conferences devoted to investment activities of the Ukrainian economy, foreign investment activity in the countries BRICS group

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