Peacekeepers in Donbas: why is this another deadlock?

October 31, 2017

Kurt Volker said nothing unusual. Russia’s reaction was also quite predictable. The thing is there are fundamental differences between sides with regard to the situation in Donbas, because Russia does not recognize itself as a party to a conflict.

Co-director of foreign relations and international security programmes at the Razumkov Centre Oleksiy Melnyk gave a comment to the “Slovo i Dilo” media assessing the situation with the composition of peacekeepers and Russia’s threats to block the UN Security Council resolution in case of the absence of Russians in the possible UN mission.

“In Ukraine, perhaps, public attention had not been paid to the last meeting of the NATO-Russia Council meeting. There the comment of the Russian representative was quite interesting. Once the German Chancellor described Volodymyr Putin as “he lives in the parallel world”. This phrase now refers to the whole official Russia”, - said Melnyk.

“Since the time of that statement, nothing has changed”, - he added.

The expert stressed that the party to the conflict cannot be the part of the UN mission, but RF does not recognize this status.

Regarding the resolution, under current circumstances we do not know completely about the resolution, which is being discussed.

“For example, it is possible that it will be some kind of a framework solution”, - the expert suggested.

To his mind, in the case of a framework decision approving peacekeeping operation, Russia may not veto such a decision.

“Russia is also interested in playing up to this situation at a certain stage. However, the Kremlin will always defend its position that Russia is not a party to the conflict and any references in the international documents that describing Russia as a party to a conflict”, - concluded Oleksiy Melnyk.


Oleksiy Melnyk

Co-Director, Foreign Relations and International Security Programmes, Coordinator of International Projects

Born in 1962 in Khmelnytsty Rgn


Royal College of Defence Studies, London, UK (2007)

Air Field Operations Officer School, Biloxy, MS, US (2001)

Squadron Officer School, Montgomery, AL, US (1994)

Defence Language Institute, San Antonio, TX, US (1994)

Chernihiv Higher Military Air Force Academy, Ukraine (1984)


1980 – 2001 — Air Force Active Service (Cadet, Instructor Pilot, Flight Commander, Squadron Commander, Deputy Air Force Base Commander, Participant of two UN peacekeeping operations, Lt.Colonel (Ret)

2001 – 2004 — Razumkov Centre

2004 – 2005 — State Company Ukroboronservice

2005 – 2008 — Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, Head Organisational and Analytical Division — First Assistant to Minister of Defence

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