Armed Forces of Ukraine clear out Kharkiv region

September 13, 2022

The counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine affects not only the operational situation at the front, it can trigger political processes of discontent within Russia, says Oleksiy Melnyk, Razumkov Centre military expert.

This is at least the beginning of a strategic turn in the military campaign, says and military expert from Razumkov Centre Oleksiy Melnyk.

"Russia's defeat near Kharkiv is so obvious that it cannot be hidden by their powerful propaganda," Melnyk says. "Russia has exhausted its offensive potential with the use of a barrage of fire, advantages in artillery, aircraft and missiles. Therefore, most likely, now the Kremlin will resort to hitting not military targets but critical infrastructure facilities. Russia will go crazy," Melnyk believes.

According to Melnyk, the Russian army will try to gain a foothold along the land corridor from continental Russia to the occupied Crimea and in the previously captured territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.


Oleksiy Melnyk

Co-Director, Foreign Relations and International Security Programmes, Coordinator of International Projects

Born in 1962 in Khmelnytsty Rgn


Royal College of Defence Studies, London, UK (2007)

Air Field Operations Officer School, Biloxy, MS, US (2001)

Squadron Officer School, Montgomery, AL, US (1994)

Defence Language Institute, San Antonio, TX, US (1994)

Chernihiv Higher Military Air Force Academy, Ukraine (1984)


1980 – 2001 — Air Force Active Service (Cadet, Instructor Pilot, Flight Commander, Squadron Commander, Deputy Air Force Base Commander, Participant of two UN peacekeeping operations, Lt.Colonel (Ret)

2001 – 2004 — Razumkov Centre

2004 – 2005 — State Company Ukroboronservice

2005 – 2008 — Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, Head Organisational and Analytical Division — First Assistant to Minister of Defence

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