Countering myths

The decision to grant Ukraine the EU candidate status on the eve of the Ukrainian Constitution Day seems rather symbolic. In fact, a country that has demonstrated to the world its ability to defend the Motherland, was finally:

  • officially included in the club of European democratic states,
  • allowed to take a proactive position in the formation of renewed Europe.

Now, Ukraine must not only demonstrate its own political and military capability to defend itself (which was already proven), but also take a balanced position in the formation and strengthening of the socio-political and security dimension of the European community, and thereby influence European and world civilizational processes.

Vasyl Yurchyshyn

Director, Economic Programmes

Born in 1955 in Kamyanets-Podilskyi.


T. Shevchenko Kyiv State University, Department of Cybernetics (1977).

Institute of Public Administration and Local Government at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (1994).

Professor in Public Administration. Author of nearly 100 scientific works.


In 1977–1993, worked at the Kyiv University as an engineer, research fellow and senior research fellow;

1994–1999 — head economic researcher at the International Centre for Policy Studies, Fund for Banking and Finance Development;

1999–2004 — Assistant Professor, Department of Economic Policy of the Ukrainian (currently, National) Academy of Public Administration, office of the President of Ukraine;

1999–2004 — Research Director at the Agency of Humanitarian Technologies, later — Agency for Social Analysis;

2002–2003 — advisor to the Minister of Economy of Ukraine;

since April, 2004 — Professor, Department of Economic Policy of the National Academy of Public Administration, office of the President of Ukraine;

since June, 2005 — Economic Programmes Director at Razumkov Centre.

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