Fantasies and Fakes of Russian Propaganda: from Infected Rooks to Satanists

April 01, 2022

Mykhailo Pashkov, Co-director of the Razumkov Centre’s Foreign Relations and International Security Programmes, talks about the Kremlin-made phantasmagoric world of “parallel Ukraine”.

One of the first legendary fakes about the “crucified boy” was launched at the beginning of the Russian aggression [back in 2014]. At that time, Russian federal liars were caught in a lie. Since then, the Russian media — literally an army of mercenary fake makers, clinical experts and deceitful “graduates” of sock puppet farms — have created a phantasmagorical world of “parallel Ukraine”, where power was seized by hardcore Banderites, Nazis and drug addicts.

Mykhaylo Honchar

Visting Research Fellow for Energy Studies

Born in 1963 in Ukraine


Kyiv Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers (1986) (currently National Aviation University)

Catholic University of Leuven, Training Course for Civil Servants, European Commission Programme (1997)


1994–1996 — Researcher at the National Institute for Strategic Studies, National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

1997–2002 — Visiting Advisor, National Institute for International Security Problems,  National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

1996–2000 — Advisor to the Secretary of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

2001–2006 — Advisor, Head of the Strategy Department, Head of Apparatus of Special Commissioner of Ukraine on Euro-Asian Oil Transport Corridor, Deputy Executive Director of JSC “Ukrtransnafta”

Since 2006 - Director of Energy Programmes at “NOMOS” Centre, Member of the Editorial Board of “Black Sea Security” Journal

2008 – ongoing  — President of the Centre for Global Studies «Strategy ХХІ» (Kyiv)

(044) 201-11-98