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Most Ukrainians Are Not Interested in Politics

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In the results of the sociological study conducted by the Razumkov Centre on 22-27 September 2017, the first thing that catches the eye is people's extremely low interest in politics. They are either not interested in it altogether, or the level of interest is low.

According to the study, 60.3% of respondents have low level of interest in politics (43.1%), or are not interested in it altogether (17.2%). Only 37.7% responded that their level of interest in politics is very high (5%) or that they are rather interested in it (32.7%). Option "hard to say" was chosen by 2% of respondents.

Low level of interest in politics is demonstrated by youth – among 18-29-year-old citizens there are only 24% of those, who are interested in it.


Yuriy Yakymenko

Deputy director general, Director, Political and legal programmes

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1991-1995 – Expert in Public Relations of the Ukrainian Union of Afghan War Veterans;
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