Information notice for potential respondents - participants of a poll using randomly selected phone numbers

August 25, 2022

Starting from August 23, 2022, Razumkov Centre is conducting a public opinion poll devoted to the assessment of the taxing policy during the war by Ukrainian citizens.

We ask you take part in this poll, but you are not obligated to participate in it. The poll results will be processed jointly by experts from Razumkov Centre and the King's College in London.

Such polls make it possible to find out how public opinion about the situation in the country and society is changing. This survey will take no more than 15 minutes.

The survey participants were selected randomly.

After the interview, your answers, as well as the answers of all the survey participants, will be automatically separated from the phone numbers and used only in a generalised form after statistical processing on a computer.

This means that your personal answers will not be known to anyone and cannot be selected from the entire array or taken from it.

You may stop answering questions at any time, in which case your answers to all questions will not be taken into account in the array.

If you agree, your phone number will be entered on our list of contact numbers, to be kept by Razumkov Centre for up to five years, without any other information about you.