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Sociological poll

Do you trust political parties? (recurrent, 2001-2013)

 Bat'kivshchyna, Party of Regions, Communist party, Socialist Party

Fully trustRather trustRather mistrustFully mistrustDifficult to answer
Mar 2013 3.217.342.827.39.3
Sep 20122.817.234.13510.9
Dec 20112.216.340.732.68.2
Apr 20112.213.548.528.67.2
Oct 20091.914.938.1405
Jul 2009313.438.7386.8
Mar 20090.4837.648.45.5
Dec 20080.811.736.343.28
Jun 20082.813.336.331.416.2
Apr 20081.312.345.629.711.2
Mar 20082.916.645.223.611.8
Feb 20082.420.446.520.610
Dec 20073.818.736.331.49.8
Sep 20073.31433.441.28.1
Apr 2007116.638.931.212.3
Mar 20073.914.643.230.18.2
Feb 20071.215.239.732.811
Dec 20062.512.641.832.510.6
Oct 20061.613.640.434.79.7
Sep 20061.612.838.935.810.8
May 20064.317.34223.912.5
Nov 20052.813.336.331.416.2
Oct 20052.719.437.227.613.1
Aug 20052.116.841.62415.4
Feb 2005519.137.824.613.5
Dec 20043.711.934.637.612.3
Oct 2004415.234.432.314.1
Sep 2004314.940.130.611.4
Jun 20042.813.339.131.613.2
Mar 20042.51335.240.29.1
Feb 20041.414.437.435.311.5
Dec 20032.
Sep 20033.21429.74112.1
Aug 20031.813.329.944.810.2
Jun 20033.411.228.447.39.7
Apr 20032.911.635.13812.4
Mar 20032.613.632.241.79.9
Feb 20032.913.828.2469.1
Dec 20022.89.630.648.98.1
Nov 20023.314.931.941.48.5
Oct 20023.814.
Sep 20022.215.831.839.810.5
Aug 20022.712.434.441.98.6
Jun 20023.916.631.938.69
May 2002416.232.438.39.1
Mar 20023.21632.938.79.1
Feb 2002214.535.237.510.7
Jan 20023.214.5343810.3
Dec 20012.513.531.140.912
Oct 20012.312.832.14111.8


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