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Public opinion survey "Citizens attitude towards different types of territorial organisation"
10 March 2014
   State organization, Polls

In the end of December 2013, the Razumkov Centre had conducted a survey to determine the public perception of different options for territorial organisation.

According to the survey results, the majority of Ukrainians oppose the idea of having a federal state (61% of citizens expressed negative views and only 16 % were positive about it).

The idea of separating their oblast (region) from the rest of Ukraine and uniting with another state received even lower level of support (81% did not support; 6.5%- supported the idea); an independent state based on the South-Eastern regions of Ukraine (80% and 6%, respectively); the idea of separating the South-eastern regions of Ukraine and making them unite with Russia (80% and 7.5%, respectively); the creation of two independent states (the South-Eastern oblasts vs. Western and Central oblasts) (77% of respondents did not support this option; 7%- supported it). The majority of residents from all macro-regions showed negative attitude towards these options.

Only 5.5% of respondents would want to see their region separating from Ukraine and joining another state (2.5% citizens in the West; 0.5% in the Centre; 9% in the East; 13% in the South of Ukraine).

4.5% of respondents would like to see their region separating from Ukraine and establishing an independent state (a desire expressed by 3% of citizens in the West, 1% in the Centre, 5% in the East, 13% in the South of Ukraine).

23% believe that the prevailing political contradictions, language and cultural barriers and economic disparity between the citizens of the western and eastern regions of Ukraine in future may result in separation of these regions and/or the creation of separate independent states on Ukraines territory or make those regions unite with other states. 61 % of respondents do not share this view. The proportion of respondents who do not share this view exceed the share of those who do- a trend being observed in all macro-regions of Ukraine.

The vast majority of residents from all macro-regions (from 88 % in the South; to 99% in the West; and 95% in Ukraine in general) perceive Ukraine as their motherland.

84.5 % of Ukrainians consider themselves patriots of Ukraine (94 % in the West; 88.5 % in the Centre; 81% in the East; 72% in the South).

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