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0 Ukraine should set royalties based on impartial methodology, not political agreements

Sociology polls

Did you somehow participate in the discussion of the constitutional amendments?


      Party System of Ukraine before and after Maidan: Changes, Development Trends, Societys Demands

 7, 2015

New publication

      The Russian-Ukrainian Conflict: Current State, Implications, Scenarios

Comments of experts

26 November 2015

Ukrainian power plants have at least 2.3 million tons of coal in storage

Coal, Electricity, rimea, Russia
25 November 2015

Putin wants to show that the West needs his help to solve the conflict in Syria

Russia, USA, EU
18 November 2015

Paris attacks will probably intensify involvement of Western coalition in Syria

France, Terrorism
18 November 2015

Ukrainian mechanical engineering can find new markets in developing countries

International trade, Machine building, Agriculture, Kazakhstan
10 November 2015

Security sector of Ukraine is largely disordered and unworkable

Security policy, Army equipment, Ministry of defence
10 November 2015

The renewal of attacks in Donbas may be associated with changes in the Kremlin

War, ATO, Donbas, Russia
04 November 2015

If Ukraine returns the debt to Russia, this may cause confusion among the rest of the creditors

Russia, State's debt
28 October 2015

The Opposition Bloc will not have a definite lead in local councils in Eastern Ukraine

Local elections, Petro Poroshenko Block, Samopomich, Bat'kivshchyna, Party of Regions
26 October 2015

There is no political will to fire General Prosecutor of Ukraine

Prosecutor's office
Articles, interviews

Vasyl Yurchyshyn, Volodymyr Sidenko, Kateryna Markevych 

Analytical report Debt: time to take and time to give. Global trends and challenges for Ukraine

State's debt, Budget, Economic crisis
Mykola Sunhurovskyi 

Hybrid warfare: the lessons of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict

Russia, War, Donbas, rimea
Oleksiy Melnyk 

The role of international organisations in Ukraine: capabilities and limits

UN, NATO, OSCE, EU, Security policy
Viktor Musiyaka 

The bill on amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine contains many contradictions

Constitution, Local authorities, Ukrainian parliament
Oleksiy Melnyk 

Is the transition to a professional army possible in Ukraine?

Armed forces of Ukraine, Contract army, Armed forces reform

09 November 2015

Participation in program Georgia/South Caucasus between the European Union, eastern partners and the Eurasian Economic Union

Civil society
09 November 2015

SIPRI Yearbook 2014 launch

Security policy
06 November 2015

The Razumkov Centre Newsletter 26

Situation in Ukraine

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