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0 If hryvnia devaluation persists, the government will have to raise energy tariffs again

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Do you agree with the statement that Crimean population undergo forced ukrainization?


      Russian-Ukrainian conflict: the state, consequences, and prospects of the developments

 5, 2014

New publication

      Ukrain 2014-2015: Overcoming Challenges (assessments)

Comments of experts

02 March 2015

Once Putin decided that Debaltseve was important, it was seized

Putin, War, Donbas
25 February 2015

Ukrainian defence industry mostly consists of remnants of the Soviet Union

Arms industry
23 February 2015

Peacekeepers may contribute to political resolution of the conflict in Donbas

Peacekeepers, War, Donbas
20 February 2015

Russia refuses to make the compromises that would lead to de-escalation in Donbas

Russia, War, Donbas
19 February 2015

Implementation of the new Minsk agreements will depend on Russia's attitude towards them

Russia, War, Donbas
16 February 2015

Decline in sales of Russian goods in Ukraine is worth hundred million dollars

Russia, International trade, Protest
16 February 2015

Pros and cons of the new Minsk agreement

War, Donbas, Constitution, Local authorities, Borders
11 February 2015

Europe has already realised that the actions of Russia in Donbas threaten the continental security

Russia, EU, USA, Germany, War, Donbas
09 February 2015

What threats Russian peacekeepers pose to Ukraine

Russia, War, Peacekeepers, Donbas
Articles, interviews

Victor Logatskiy 

Manipulations on Determination of the Cost of Natural Gas Production in Ukraine: Which Cost is Economically Feasible in Reality?

Gas, Extraction industry, Gas price
Mykola Sunhurovskyi 

On foreign policy measures to force Russia to make peace

UN, International assistnce, Russia, War
Vasyl Yurchyshyn 

New Investment Opportunities: Possibilities for China and Challenges for Ukraine

China, FDI, International trade
Volodymyr Sidenko 

Reforms are lagging far behind the pace of the deepening economic crisis

Economic crisis, Economic reforms, Agriculture
Mykola Sunhurovskyi 

Geopolitical analysis of the balance of forces and its changes against the background of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict

Russia, USA, EU, Security policy

20 February 2015

The Razumkov Centre Newsletter 12

Situation in Ukraine
20 February 2015

Ukrain 2014-2015: Overcoming Challenges (assessments)

Situation in Ukraine
17 February 2015

Participation in the EuropeUkraine Forum in Lodz (Poland)

Civil society, Poland, EU

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