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Above all

0 Russia will not allow to freeze the armed conflict in Donbas

Sociology polls

Which areas of EU-Ukraine cooperation are the most important?


      The Russian-Ukrainian conflict: current state, implications, scenarios

 5, 2014

New publication

      Annual Report-2014

Comments of experts

18 May 2015

Unsuccessful reforms are a bigger threat to Ukraine than the Russian aggression

Economic reforms, War, Russia
13 May 2015

The anti-Soviet laws should be checked with the winning the war

Ukrainian parliament, War
13 May 2015

Private creditors may agree to soft restructuring of Ukraine's debt

State's debt, Government
08 May 2015

Poroshenkos business has been complicated by his official status

Poroshenko, President of Ukraine
27 April 2015

In almost every terrorist attack in Ukraine there is a clear Russian involvement

War, Terrorism, Russia
27 April 2015

Currently it is not really possible to reformat the parliamentary coalition

Ukrainian parliament, Coalition, Political elite, Government
20 April 2015

Ukrainian economy requires the production of goods with high value added

International trade, Economic crisis, FDI
16 April 2015

Reconciliation with Donbas will be possible only if the border is sealed

Donbas, War
14 April 2015

Without restructuring external debt, some Ukrainian companies are at risk of a default

State's debt, IMF, FDI
Articles, interviews

Victor Logatskiy 

Through Economically Efficient Pricing of Natural Gas to Equitable Income Distribution from Hydrocarbons Extraction for the Ukrainian Society

Gas price, Extraction industry
Vasyl Yurchyshyn 

The forecast of Ukraines debt restructuring is warily positive

State's debt, Economic reforms, Poland
Oleksiy Melnyk 

Russian S-300s in Iran are rather a destabilising factor than a hindering one

Putin, Russia, Iran, USA, EU
Oleksiy Melnyk 

All talk about Russias peacefulness obviously means nothing

Russia, Putin
Mykola Sunhurovskyi 

We are still on the verge of change

War, Donbas, Security policy

24 April 2015

The Razumkov Centre Newsletter 16

Situation in Ukraine
23 April 2015

Attending a round table Strategy and Priorities of the Development of the Natural Gas Market in the Context of European Integration Aspirations of Ukraine

Gas, Civil society
17 April 2015

Round table "Conceptual Approaches to Reforming the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Context of the National Reform Plan"

Police, Security policy

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