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0 The coalition agreement indicates that economic reforms will continue

Sociology polls

Which national security model is the optimal for Ukraine? (reccurent, 2006-2012)


      The Role of International Organisations in the National Security of Ukraine

 6, 2013

New publication

      Middle Class in Ukraine: Identification Criteria

Comments of experts

28 November 2014

Discount on gas for Ukraine under the Brussels deal can be cancelled by Russia

Russia, Gas conflict, Gas price
28 November 2014

Putins actions have significantly increased Ukrainians support of joining NATO

NATO, Putin, Polls
28 November 2014

Russia could use high unemployment in Kharkiv to further destabilize the region

Employment, Russia
25 November 2014

The Revolution of Dignity taught Ukrainians self-reliance

Values, Situation in Ukraine, Civil society
20 November 2014

Sanctions will affect Russia's policy when they reach the pain threshold

Russia, Donbas, War
14 November 2014

Only sanctions against Gazprom will significantly affect the Russian economy

Russia, Gazprom
13 November 2014

Russia will direct its efforts at supporting instability in the Donbas

Russia, War, Donbas
07 November 2014

Russia is blackmailing Ukraine and Europe with the threat of escalation of the conflict in Donbas

Russia, War, Donbas
04 November 2014

The Peoples Front won the party-list vote because Ukrainians trusted Yatsenyuk

Pariliamentary elections, Yatsenyuk
Articles, interviews

Mykola Sunhurovskyi 

Geopolitical analysis of the balance of forces and its changes against the background of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict

Russia, USA, EU, Security policy
Yuriy Yakymenko, Viktor Zamiatin 

The 2014 Election Features and Consequences

Presidential elections, President of Ukraine, Poroshenko
Alexei Sekarev 

The Third Republic: Ukraine struggles its way through to Europe

European integration, Foreign policy process, Russia, EU, Protest
Vasyl Yurchyshyn 

When economy fails, military tension grows

Donbas, Economic crisis, War
Volodymyr Sidenko 

Economic and social challenges of Ukraine after the change of power

Economic crisis, Economic reforms, China

20 November 2014

Round Table NATO-Ukraine Partnership: Current State and Prospects

NATO, Security policy, Civil society
14 November 2014

The Razumkov Centre Newsletter 8

Situation in Ukraine
13 November 2014

The Razumkov Centre is helping the parliaments political parties to preapare a draft coalition agreement

Coalition, Civil society

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