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0 Savchenkos release from Russia isnt about solving the situation in Donbas

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Do you agree on the initiative to dissolve parliament and hold early elections?
Have you ever been in any EU country, in the USA or Canada?
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Further actions to resolve the conflict in the East of Ukraine


      Prospects of Russia-Ukraine Relations

 8, 2015

New publication

      Annual Report-2015

Comments of experts

24 May 2016

NATO is willing to provide financial, advisory and other assistance to Ukraine

NATO, International assistnce, Armed forces reform
19 May 2016

Ukraine cannot allow the Russian military to participate in the OSCE peacekeeping mission

OSCE, Peacekeepers, Russia, Donbas
10 May 2016

The OSCE armed police mission in Donbas is impossible without Russia

OSCE, Russia, Peacekeepers, Donbas, President of Ukraine
29 April 2016

Ukraine cannot abandon nuclear power because it is a cornerstone of its energy sector

Nuclear energy, Renewable energy, Energy independence
22 April 2016

Russian jets are more aggressive than during the Cold War

Russia, NATO
15 April 2016

Hroisman's government can achieve some success but a breakthrough should not be expected

Government, President of Ukraine, Early elections, European integration, Economic reforms
12 April 2016

Although the hryvnia is strengthening, Ukraine currently cannot give up cooperation with the IMF

05 April 2016

Without attracting investment, the policy of saving cannot overcome the financial crisis

Greece, EU, State's debt, FDI
29 March 2016

The partners from a parliamentary majority need to agree on the coalition accord

Coalition, Ukrainian parliament
Articles, interviews

Maksym Bugriy 

Ukraines New Concept Paper on Security and Defense Reform

Armed forces reform, Security policy, Armed forces of Ukraine
Oleksiy Melnyk 

What threats the fulfilment of the Minsk Agreements poses to Ukraine

Donbas, Russia, Germany
Maksym Bugriy 

Russias Moves to Gain Dominance in the Black Sea

Russia, Black Sea region, Gas
Maksym Bugriy 

Destruction of Donbas Economy Supports Local Russia-Backed Insurgency

Donbas, Russia, Economic crisis
Vasyl Yurchyshyn, Volodymyr Sidenko, Kateryna Markevych 

Analytical report Debt: time to take and time to give. Global trends and challenges for Ukraine

State's debt, Budget, Economic crisis

25 April 2016

The Razumkov Centre Newsletter 5 (34)

Situation in Ukraine
11 April 2016

The Razumkov Centre Newsletter 4 (33)

Situation in Ukraine
17 March 2016

II International Conference "Security Sector Governance: The Role of Democratic Institutions & International Best Practices"

Security policy

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