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Yuriy Yakymenko

Detention of the Russian military officers is another proof of participation of the Russian regular troops in the events in Eastern Ukraine

  War, Russia, Donbas
Yuriy Yakymenko

The 2014 Election Features and Consequences

  Presidential elections, President of Ukraine, Poroshenko
Alexei Sekarev

The Third Republic: Ukraine struggles its way through to Europe

  European integration, Foreign policy process, Russia, EU, Protest
Yuriy Yakymenko

Government’s cooperation with think tanks is limited due to a conflict of interest

  Civil society, Science, Government
Comments of expert

Problems may arise during local elections in Ukraine
 Local elections, Elections process, Ukrainian parliament, Coalition, Corruption
There was political will in the parliament to deprive Kliuiev of immunity
 Immunity, Ukrainian parliament, Prosecutor's office
Due to decentralisation, raion and oblast councils will get executive committies
 Local authorities, Administrative reform
Poroshenko’s business has been complicated by his official status
 Poroshenko, President of Ukraine
Currently it is not really possible to reformat the parliamentary coalition
 Ukrainian parliament, Coalition, Political elite, Government

  • What are the features of cooperation amongst the Constitutional Assembly, the President, the Parliament, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine and the Venice Commission, and how they can affect the quality of the proposed changes to the Constitution of Ukraine related to justice?
  • What do the proposed changes to the Constitution of Ukraine related to justice witness to?
  • What can the experts and the civil society do to prevent the risks increasing the political dependence of the judiciary in Ukraine after the constitutional reform?

How much do you trust the following social institutes?

Are you satisfied with the current activity of the Verkhovna Rada?

How do you assess the parliamentary activity of the party you voted for?

Do you support activity of the following authorities and state institutions?

If presidential elections were held next Sunday how would you vote? (recurrent, 2011-2013)


The Razumkov Centre Newsletter №19
19 June 2015  Situation in Ukraine
The Razumkov Centre Newsletter №18
05 June 2015  Situation in Ukraine
The Razumkov Centre Newsletter №17
22 May 2015  Situation in Ukraine

Judicial reform in Ukraine: condition, problems, possibilities
2012 parliamentary elections: MP as seen by the voters
The opposition in Ukraine: new conditions, problems, challenges

Economic crisis Civil society Economic reforms Ukrainian parliament NATO Situation in Ukraine Government EU Russia Donbas War Poland China Social benefits IMF Moldova Prosecutor's office Immunity Elections process Corruption Coalition Local elections Security policy FDI Volunteer battalions USA Polls Inflation UAH

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