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0 A land corridor to link Russia to Crimea might become on the top of the agenda

Sociology polls

What is NATO, first of all (recurrent, 2002-2008)


      Social foundation of the middle class formation in Ukraine: identification criteria, structure, key features

 1, 2014

New publication

      Ukrainian Middle Class in the Eyes of Its Representatives: Focus Group Discussions

Comments of experts

27 January 2015

Ukrainian army is far from ready to recapture lost territory in Donbas

Armed forces of Ukraine, ATO, Donbas
27 January 2015

The militants have expanded their territory in Donbas by 500 sq km since September

War, ATO, Donbas
27 January 2015

The Minsk peace did not specify which side should keep control of the Donetsk airport

War, ATO, Donbas
26 January 2015

The battle to defend the Donetsk airport has become a symbol of Ukrainian glory

War, Donbas
20 January 2015

Russia's statements on a new gas pipeline with Turkey are another bluff

Gas transportation, Roundabout pipelines, Gazprom, Turkey
19 January 2015

The separatist conflict costs Ukraine $10 million a day

ATO, Economic crisis, Economic reforms, International assistnce
16 January 2015

Instead of implementing economic reforms, the government is increasing the fiscal burden

Economic reforms, Taxes, Budget, Government
15 January 2015

Independent Ukraine is in a state of war for the first time in its history

Independence, War, Russia
13 January 2015

Russia facilitates opening of the problem parts of the border with Ukraine

Borders, Russia
Articles, interviews

Vasyl Yurchyshyn 

New Investment Opportunities: Possibilities for China and Challenges for Ukraine

China, FDI, International trade
Volodymyr Sidenko 

Reforms are lagging far behind the pace of the deepening economic crisis

Economic crisis, Economic reforms, Agriculture
Mykola Sunhurovskyi 

Geopolitical analysis of the balance of forces and its changes against the background of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict

Russia, USA, EU, Security policy
Yuriy Yakymenko, Viktor Zamiatin 

The 2014 Election Features and Consequences

Presidential elections, President of Ukraine, Poroshenko
Alexei Sekarev 

The Third Republic: Ukraine struggles its way through to Europe

European integration, Foreign policy process, Russia, EU, Protest

23 January 2015

Launch of 2014 Global Go to Think Tank Index Report and the Roundtable Ukrainian Think Tanks in the Global Network of Think Tanks: Potential, Challenges and Prospects

Civil society
18 December 2014

The Razumkov Centre Newsletter 10

Ukrainian parliament, Situation in Ukraine
16 December 2014

Roundtable Middle class in Ukraine: life values, readiness for association, and promotion of democratic standards

Middle class, Civil society, Situation in Ukraine

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