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Above all

0 The federalization is part of Russias plan to impose control over Ukraine

Sociology polls

Do you support the activity of Oleh T'ahnybok? (recurrent, 2009-2013)


      The Role of International Organisations in the National Security of Ukraine

 6, 2013

New publication

      Ukraines gas sector development in the context of European integration

Comments of experts

18 April 2014

Power vertical and effective police can overcome separatism in the east

Government, Police, Russia
15 April 2014

Russia's refusal of import from Ukraine will negatively affect the Ukrainian economy

International trade, Russia
14 April 2014

Russia poses a threat to Rinat Akhmetovs assets in southeastern Ukraine

Oligarchs, Russia, Yanukovych
11 April 2014

Local government reform will help stabilise the situation in Ukraine

State organization, Local authorities, Regional diversity
08 April 2014

The decision on Ukraine joining NATO requiers a long-term awareness campaign

Security policy, NATO
04 April 2014

NATO won't bring its troops to Ukraine

NATO, Security policy
01 April 2014

The United Nations General Assembly has given Ukraine a tool to protect its interests

UN, Russia, rimea
28 March 2014

Reluctance of Ukraine and the West encourages Russia's further aggression

Russia, NATO
26 March 2014

Withdrawal from the CIS won't affect the economy of Ukraine in any way

CIS, International trade
Articles, interviews

Volodymyr Sidenko 

Ukrainian-Russian economic relations: unexpected changes and new challenges for Ukraine

Russia, International trade
Oleksiy Melnyk 


Terrorism, Security policy, Security Service
Volodymyr Sidenko 

Ukraine's regional integration policies: The EU versus the Eurasian community

European integration, Russia-led unions
Volodymyr Omelchenko 

Gazprom wants to buy the Ukrainian gas pipeline system at a reduced price

Gas transportation, Gazprom, Russia-led unions
Oleksiy Melnyk 

Rearmament of the Russian Black Sea Fleet serves political rather than military purposes

Black Sea fleet, Russia

15 April 2014

Meeting with representatives of the Sobieski Institute
11 March 2014

SIPRI Yearbook 2013 launch
10 March 2014

Public opinion survey "Citizens attitude towards different types of territorial organisation"

State organization, Polls

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