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Above all

0 Ukraine is losing economic sway over the rebel zones of Donbas

Sociology polls

How would you rate the citizens' attitude towards authorities? (a poll in Kyiv)


      Law Enforcement Reform in Ukraine: Status, Areas for Reform, Issues

 3, 2015

New publication

      The Russian-Ukrainian Conflict: Current State, Implications, Scenarios

Comments of experts

02 September 2015

Muzhenko lost the moral right to talk about military situation in Donbas

Donbas, War, Armed forces of Ukraine
17 August 2015

Ukraine has to take all steps to declare that Russia is an occupier of Donbas

Russia, War, Donbas
06 August 2015

The Russian publics ignorance allows Putins policies to flourish

Russia, Putin
31 July 2015

Pullout of Ukrainian volunteer fighters from Shyrokyne might threaten Mariupol

War, Volunteer battalions, Donbas, Russia
22 July 2015

The protest of the Right Sector will not gain broad public support

Protest, Situation in Ukraine
20 July 2015

The final decision on the case of the MH17 crash should be made by an international tribunal

Disasters, UN, Russia, Donbas
15 July 2015

There is no sign that some massive military campaign in Donbas has begun

Donbas, War
15 July 2015

All the conditions for Russias full-scale attack have been created in Donbas

Donbas, Russia, War
13 July 2015

The main criterion for performance of the militaryindustrial complex should not be profit but meeting the needs of the front

Arms industry, Army equipment, War
Articles, interviews

Vasyl Yurchyshyn 

Why the National Bank of Ukraine does not release U.S. dollar exchange rate

National Bank of Ukraine, UAH, Exchange policy, USD
Victor Logatskiy 

On the Appropriateness of Using Pricing Approach for Natural Gas Transportation Services by RAB Principles

Gas transportation, Naftohaz Ukrayiny, Gazprom
Yuriy Yakymenko 

Detention of the Russian military officers is another proof of participation of the Russian regular troops in the events in Eastern Ukraine

War, Russia, Donbas
Victor Logatskiy 

Through Economically Efficient Pricing of Natural Gas to Equitable Income Distribution from Hydrocarbons Extraction for the Ukrainian Society

Gas price, Extraction industry
Oleksiy Melnyk 

What interests Russia in the Arctic

Russia, USA

17 July 2015

The Razumkov Centre Newsletter 21

Situation in Ukraine
13 July 2015

The Razumkov Centre attended a roundtable to discuss the projects of the Military doctrine of Ukraine and the development Conception for security and defence sector of Ukraine

Security policy, Civil society
09 July 2015

Round table Constitutional Process in Ukraine: Responding to New Challenges or Repeating Old Mistakes?

Constitution, Human rights, Civil society

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