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0 After Ukrainian forces were restructured, the operations became more effective

Sociology polls

What community should be priority for Ukraine to enter?


      The Role of International Organisations in the National Security of Ukraine

 6, 2013

New publication

      Ukraine-2014: Socio-Political Conflict and the Church. Positions of Religious Figures, Experts and Citizens

Comments of experts

29 July 2014

The Verkhovna Rada has to pass amendments to the budget proposed by the Government

Budget, Government, Ukrainian parliament
28 July 2014

European leaders are trying to soften their attitude to Russia again

Russia, EU, Terrorism
24 July 2014

Snap parliamentary elections in Ukraine will probably hold at the end of October

Pariliamentary elections, Early elections
22 July 2014

Current inflation is caused but the long delay in economic reforms

Inflation, Economic reforms, Protest
18 July 2014

Unrest in Donbas is caused by the staff of Russian intelligence agencies

Russia, Terrorism
15 July 2014

Increasing arms production requires a comprehensive review of the security sector

Army equipment, Security policy, Arms industry
14 July 2014

Ukrainian governmentss forces have tried to cut off the rebels supply from Russia

Terrorism, Armed forces of Ukraine
11 July 2014

The EU Association Agreement will allow Ukraine to obtain funding from the IMF

European integration, IMF, Economic reforms
10 July 2014

Despite recent improvements, Ukrainian militarys work is far from done

Armed forces of Ukraine, Army equipment, Terrorism
Articles, interviews

Mykola Sungurovskyi 

Geopolitical analysis of the balance of forces and its changes against the background of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict

Russia, USA, EU, Security policy
Alexei Sekarev 

The Third Republic: Ukraine struggles its way through to Europe

European integration, Foreign policy process, Russia, EU, Protest
Volodymyr Sidenko 

Economic and social challenges of Ukraine after the change of power

Economic crisis, Economic reforms, China
Volodymyr Sidenko 

Ukrainian-Russian economic relations: unexpected changes and new challenges for Ukraine

Russia, International trade
Oleksiy Melnyk 


Terrorism, Security policy, Security Service

22 July 2014

The visit of the delegation from the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue

Switzerland, Civil society
22 July 2014

Meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy

22 July 2014

The visit of the delegation from the Republic of South Africa

Civil society

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