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0 Parliamentary election will be a landmark for Ukraine

Sociology polls

Do you consider Ukraine being a really independent state now, on its 21st (20, 19 etc) year of independence? (recurrent, 2001-2012)


      The Role of International Organisations in the National Security of Ukraine

№ 6, 2013

New publication

      The Razumkov Centre Newsletter №6 (9 October 2014)

Comments of experts

20 October 2014

Harnessing the hryvnia’s rate appears politically motivated

UAH, National Bank of Ukraine
14 October 2014

The EU could have already given up Russian gas but is attracted by the low price

EU, Russia, Gas, Gas price
09 October 2014

Russia does not control the conflict in Donbas but affects the level of its escalation

War, Russia
06 October 2014

The risk of the conflict spreading beyond Donbas is constant

War, Terrorism, Russia
02 October 2014

Last 23 years there was no reason to think that Ukraine would need a strong army

Armed forces of Ukraine, Security policy
02 October 2014

The EU wants to resolve gas conflict with Russia at the expense of Ukrainian interests

Gas conflict, Russia, EU, Gazprom
30 September 2014

Attracting investment will reduce Ukraine's energy dependence on Russia

Energy independence, Russia
26 September 2014

If Russia starts the arms race, it may collapse as the USSR did

Russia, Nuclear weapon, Arms industry
25 September 2014

Frozen conflict is not the worst alternative in the eastern Ukraine

War, Russia
Articles, interviews

Mykola Sungurovskyi 

Geopolitical analysis of the balance of forces and its changes against the background of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict

Russia, USA, EU, Security policy
Alexei Sekarev 

The Third Republic: Ukraine struggles its way through to Europe

European integration, Foreign policy process, Russia, EU, Protest
Volodymyr Sidenko 

Economic and social challenges of Ukraine after the change of power

Economic crisis, Economic reforms, China
Volodymyr Sidenko 

Ukrainian-Russian economic relations: unexpected changes and new challenges for Ukraine

Russia, International trade
Oleksiy Melnyk 

Чим небезпечний тероризм в Україні?

Terrorism, Security policy, Security Service

14 October 2014

Findings of the sociological study "Citizens of Ukraine on Security: Assessment, Threats, Solutions to Problems"

Polls, Security policy
10 October 2014

Participation in the discussion "The Price of Freedom" during the German Weeks in Ukraine

Civil society, Democracy, Values, Germany
08 October 2014

Meeting with the regional management of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

Germany, Situation in Ukraine

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