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0 Ukrainian economy requires the production of goods with high value added

Sociology polls

Does Ukraine need to join the European Union? (recurrent, 2002-2012)


      The Russian-Ukrainian conflict: current state, implications, scenarios

 5, 2014

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      Annual Report-2014

Comments of experts

16 April 2015

Reconciliation with Donbas will be possible only if the border is sealed

Donbas, War
08 April 2015

Gazprom made concessions to Naftohaz not to lose the Ukrainian market

Gas, Gazprom, Naftohaz Ukrayiny, EU
06 April 2015

Ukraines business and politics grew especially tight under Yanukovych

Oligarchs, Political elite, Yanukovych
03 April 2015

The process of decentralisation should be speeded up

Local authorities, Constitution, Local elections
02 April 2015

Russia is deliberately discrediting Ukraine and Ukrainians

Russia, Ukrainian diaspora
01 April 2015

Its not in the interest of Poroshenko and Kolomoyskiy to fight with each other

Oligarchs, Poroshenko
01 April 2015

The EU is not ready to waive the visa regime with Ukraine beacuase of the war in Donbas

EU, Visas, War, Donbas
30 March 2015

Will the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine provoke Russia?

War, Army equipment, Russia, Putin
30 March 2015

Ukrainians place responsibility for the economic situation on the prime minister

Government, Yatsenyuk, Approval, Economic crisis
Articles, interviews

Oleksiy Melnyk 

Putins dogs

Putin, Russia, rimea, Donbas
Mykola Sunhurovskyi 

Will Russia dare to start a special operation The Baltics

Russia, , NATO
Victor Logatskiy 

The Changing of the Concept of Rent Determination as a Precondition for Stabilization and Increasing of the Hydrocarbons Production in Ukraine

Extraction industry, Oil, Gas
Vasyl Yurchyshyn, Kateryna Markevych 

Investment Prospects Priority in the Policy of Stable Economic Growth in Great Britain

Great Britain, FDI, World economy
Victor Logatskiy 

The Verkhovna Rada Equalized the Conditions for State and Private Gas Production Companies with Negative Result for Them

Extraction industry, Gas, Oil, Naftohaz Ukrayiny, Ukrainian parliament

09 April 2015

The Razumkov Centre Newsletter 15

Situation in Ukraine
06 April 2015

Annual Report-2014

Civil society
20 March 2015

The Razumkov Centre Newsletter 14

Situation in Ukraine

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