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0 Partial imperative mandate can be used to dissolve the Parliament

Sociology polls

Which foreign policy direction should be a priority for Ukraine? (recurrent, 2002-2015)


      Prospects of Russia-Ukraine Relations

 8, 2015

New publication

      The Russian-Ukrainian Conflict: Current State, Implications, Scenarios

Comments of experts

02 February 2016

Russia is turning Crimea into a military base

Russia, rimea
26 January 2016

Income growth in Ukraine will be happening very slowly

Income, UAH, Salary
26 January 2016

Devaluation of the ruble will not affect the hryvnia exchange rate

RUB, UAH, Russia, Oil
21 January 2016

Russia may use a trick of offering its peacekeeping mission in Donbas

Peacekeepers, Russia, UN, Donbas
19 January 2016

Until the government creates free coal market, miners' strikes will continue

Coal, Extraction industry, Government, Protest
14 January 2016

Putin admitted that the Minsk Agreements fully met Russian interests

Putin, Russia, Donbas
11 January 2016

Escalation in Donbas indicates that the Kremlin wants to destabilise the entire Ukraine

Donbas, Russia, War
28 December 2015

Currency swap deal with Poland will enable Ukraine to balance foreign trade relations

Poland, National Bank of Ukraine, UAH
24 December 2015

NATO considers whether potential members can bring more security to the alliance

NATO, Security policy
Articles, interviews

Maksym Bugriy 

Destruction of Donbas Economy Supports Local Russia-Backed Insurgency

Donbas, Russia, Economic crisis
Vasyl Yurchyshyn, Volodymyr Sidenko, Kateryna Markevych 

Analytical report Debt: time to take and time to give. Global trends and challenges for Ukraine

State's debt, Budget, Economic crisis
Mykola Sunhurovskyi 

Hybrid warfare: the lessons of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict

Russia, War, Donbas, rimea
Oleksiy Melnyk 

The role of international organisations in Ukraine: capabilities and limits

UN, NATO, OSCE, EU, Security policy
Viktor Musiyaka 

The bill on amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine contains many contradictions

Constitution, Local authorities, Ukrainian parliament

28 January 2016

Launch of the 2015 Global Go To Think Tank Index

Civil society
04 December 2015

The Razumkov Centre Newsletter 28

Situation in Ukraine
03 December 2015

Meeting with deputy of the National Assembly of France

Civil society

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